Motivating young people is just one of our primary goals. We express to children, through encouragement of positive thinking, that he or she can do anything they put their mind to (Saying can’t is not in our vocabulary)! Whether it is a basic skill or a double back flip, we encourage them to try their very best, and to feel good about their efforts.

Physical Activity:
Fitness is a very important concept and needs to be a major par tof everyone’s daily life. Gymnastics is a good source of physical activity no matter if you are on the team or in recreational classes. We teach that fitness is FUN!

Self Esteem:
Our coaches embraces the concept of providing a positive, nurturing environment in which to grow, and praises all efforts as well as successes. The mastering of a new skill brings a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and self-worth in itself, and praise given by our caring staff only maximizes that great feeling.

We believe that building confidence is important and feeling self-confident is the key to accomplishment. We facilitate this by spending a great deal of time concentrating on the basics of gymnastics and progressing one step at a time. This success groundwork is fundamental to all future levels of gymnastics, as well as other areas in life. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing “you achieved” helps build the “I can” attitude, which is confidence! This is an invaluable attribute that will carry throughout their lives and to other activities.

Discipline, Improved Concentration, Focus & Improved Grades:
Children have to listen to instructors, and there are requirements for participation in gymnastics and all programs at CCG. Rules must be followed and there is a basic level of effort required, and less is not accepted. We encourage children to put forth the effort and patience needed to acquire new skills through hard work, repetition, and concentration. We teach children that there are consequences for their actions, that concentration and focus is important.

Work Ethic:
Children do not just learn every new skill, it takes work. We encourage children to not give up. It is only through a learned work ethic that they achieve the more difficult skills. At CCG, we teach them that THEIR WORK ETHIC and perseverance is what has gained them their accomplishments.

Team Work – Character – Leadership
Gymnastics is an “individual” as well as “team” sport. In our competitive and recreational programs, children encourage each other, and even physically assist each other in learning certain new skills. If they move a single mat together, it takes team work, and someone has to take the lead. Leadership! Our students take turns leading various warm-up and strength activities…more leadership opportunities! They are encouraged to care about each other, respect each others’ feelings, encourage each other and work together. This builds character, as well as teamwork and leadership skills.